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Peso Motores Honda Dseries/Bseries/Kseries/Hseries/Jseries

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(Honda Engine's Weight Dseries/Bseries/Kseries/Hseries/Jseries)

All weights include engine, transmission, intake and exhaust manifolds, axles, and major accessories. All weights are approximate. All weights include manual transmissions only.

D series: 309 pounds (140kg)

The unofficial baseline for all Honda engines, 1.5L and 1.6L single-cam D-series engines all weigh about the same, despite whether or not they feature VTEC, or cable-style, or hydraulic- style gearboxes.

B series non-VTEC: 395 pounds (178kg)

For the most part, all B-series non-VTEC engines weigh the same, too. Although newer, OBD-I B18B1 engines feature updated and more comprehensive emissions components as well as hydraulic-style transmissions; the additional weight from those bits is negligible and is measured by the ounce.

B series VTEC: 405 pounds (184kg)

The obvious differences between Hondaís two 1.8L VTEC enginesóthe GS-Rís B18C1 and the Type Rís B18C5óare their cylinder heads and intake manifolds, both of which tip the scales in roughly the same manner. The Japanese-spec B16B, because of its 1.8L-like deck height and Type R top end, also weighs about the same. Although smaller in displacement, Hondaís B16A family weighs about 5 pounds less than its 1.8L VTEC counterparts, mostly due to a shorter deck height. Like non-VTEC B-series engines, all B-series VTEC transmissions weigh approximately the same.

2.0L K series: 405 pounds (184kg)

K-series engines weigh in a bit more sporadically, depending on whether or not they feature counterbalance shafts, like the í06Ėí11 Civic Siís K20Z3, which carries an additional 9 pounds of baggage. The lightest of the 2.0L K- series bunch is the í02Ėí05 Civic Siís K20A3 engine.

2.4L K series: 413 pounds (187kg)

Hondaís 2.4L K-series engines vary a bit from one another. For example, the TSXís K24A2 that features VTEC on both camshafts weighs in at the top, followed by 2.4L Accord engines and finally the CR-Vís K24Z1.

H series VTEC: 485 pounds (220kg)

Hondaís heaviest four-cylinder engine isnít its most powerful, but that doesnít mean it isnít a worthwhile swap.

J series: 550 pounds (250kg)

Different intake manifold configurations result in small variances in weight, but most 3.2L J-series engines measure relatively the same. Larger 3.5L and 3.7L engines feature longer-stroke, heavier crankshafts, and larger-diameter sleeves, which results in roughly 25 pounds of additional weight.