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AEMTuner - Como regular pressão mínima de óleo/combustível

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(AEMTuner - How to setup minimum oil and fuel pressure)

How to setup proper OIL and FUEL pressure control in AEMTuner / AEM Series 2 EMS

This guide was made originally by and was intended to help you to setup the oil/fuel pressure control, specifying the minimum pressure allowed for each rpm.

For this to work you need and oil/fuel pressure sensor linked into your AEM ECU and working.
I´m using AEM Series 2 EMS + AEM Digital Gauges #30-2130-150 and AEMTuner v3.2 software.

1) Setup your oil pressure sensor using the menu Wizards \ Setup Wizard \ Sensor: Oil Pressure

2) Create a new tab in AEMTuner to setup this pressure controls

3) Add "Channel Display" to the new tab - select all Oil Press and Fuel Press itens from the list.

4) Add "Option Display" to the new tab - select all Oil Press and Fuel Press itens from the list.

5) Add "2D Table Display" to the new tab - select Oil Press Limit and Fuel Press Limit from the list.

6) Now you have all options into your tab, lets setup it:

First check if you have the correct oil and fuel pressure displayed in "Fuel Pressure" and "Oil Pressure" channels.
If not, setup the sensor using setup wizard and select the correct pin using the "Oil Pressure Analog Input". It should work.

Set ON the "Oil Press Control". This turns on this protection function.
Set ON the "Oil Kill Ignition". This will enforce the maximum RPM set in option "Oil Press Rev Limit".
Set the maximum rpm allowed when oil pressure protection activate using the option "Oil Press Rev Limit". To kill the engine complety put an rpm less than idle rpm.
If you want to output to some pin when oil protection is active set the pin using the option "Oil Press Output".

Setup the Oil Pressure vs RPM parameters in the 2D table Oil Press Limit.
I used the ecu log to read the pressures then i decreased it a bit (-20%) to compensate pressure changes caused by oil temperature and normal variation - use the log when the oil is hot and the engine is in deceleration.

Now you have all set for oil pressure control. Do the same thing to fuel press options/table if you want minimum fuel pressure control.

To test if its working change the 2d table (pressure vs rpm) to some high values and see if channel "Oil Press Low" and "Oil Press Kill" turns ON.